How to Choose the Best Canadian Immigration Consultant

The decision to immigrate is not an easy one. There are a lot of factors to consider and it isn’t cheap to get your application processed. Furthermore, the documentation alone can get quite overwhelming and tedious. In such cases, having a reliable immigration consultant in Canada can be a huge blessing. However, it is important to determine the authenticity of these regulated Canadian immigration consultants (RCIC) before you trust them with your money, time, and energy.

Here are a few tips that can help you decipher which RCICs make the best immigration consultancy or lawyers and are well worth your time.


A Canadian immigration lawyer should be well-versed and experienced with different immigration services. Express entry was launched in 2015 and has become a leading pathway for immigration, especially for skilled workers. The best immigration consultancy and lawyers must know which immigration program and visa type can generate higher chances of selection for potential immigrants.

A good immigration consultant to Canada should also be helpful with uploading documents and handling data flow – as this is one of the most delicate procedures to carry out for successful immigration. One wrong move and you are banned or rejected from applying. Therefore, a good RCIC will help with documentation.

It is common for the RCIC to suggest a variety of services to improve your case by helping with language test preparations, provide immigration plans to increase CRS scores, reaching out to potential employers to help you get job offers, and provide resume writing and cover letter formats. RCICs should also provide guidance with post-landing facilities such as aid with housing/rent, options for financial support, education, and other resettlement services.

While it’s great to have a Canadian immigration consultancy or lawyer that helps with immigration procedures alone, it goes a huge way to get help with the non-immigration services mentioned above and can relieve you from a lot of stress and worry in the long run.


RCIC’s don’t come cheap. They work with private agencies and it will obviously cost you more than directly submitting your case to the federal government yourself. What really matters here is if the Canadian immigration consultancy or lawyer you are hiring is worth the money you are spending on their service.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while making an informed decision about hiring a particular agency or Canadian immigration lawyer for your case.

  • What are the packages that are displayed on their website? Having a high level of transparency while discussing their packages is very important.
  • What is their privacy policy and refund policy? It is important to know if they are clear and direct about all their service charges and where the money you pay is going – be it document attestation and upload, federal government fee, preparatory courses, or using connections to further your case, you have the right to know about the proper breakdown of the cost.
  • What is the legal fee of your immigration consultant to Canada? Usually, private firms and the best immigration lawyers can cost you a higher fee but you will find security and reliability in their services.

Customer Service

For any new client, customer service is the key factor in determining their entire experience with a Canada immigration lawyer or a firm. It is crucial for a good immigration consultancy or regulated Canadian immigration consultant to have a good customer service to back up their claims. Here are a few things that enhance the overall experience with an immigration consultant to Canada.

  • Having a live chat option, FAQs section and prompt response to queries.
  • Help and assistance with uploading documents and verifying data.
  • Detailed breakdown of every cost with invoices for every time you are charged and a dedicated refund policy.
  • Emailing log in information after your sign up with the agency’s website.
  • Every website must have terms and conditions including cancellation terms and privacy policy.


A regulated Canadian immigration consultant represents your case on your behalf to the Canadian government. They are allowed to have access to all your private documents and data. Therefore, it is extremely important to have as much information about the regulated Canadian immigration consultant as you can.

Every RCIC has a registration number that should be presented to the client before they hire the agent. You should also have an insight into their years of experience, background, and success rate, and client testimonials about their services.

Online Visibility

Online visibility is a big indicator of the legitimacy of a company, and the response that clients have to their services. The integrity and authenticity of a company or a Canadian immigration lawyer are reflected in their dedication towards their clients, their response rate, and the amount of information they provide.

A good immigration consultancy website should have the following qualities:

  • The company’s website should be user-friendly, visually attractive and up to date with the happenings of immigration and life in Canada. A well-structured and properly layered website can ensure that every client finds the information they are looking for.
  • It is very convenient for a website to have a live chat feature, and mention the physical address and phone number in their contact information.
  • Social media presence is also crucial, as you can find their interaction with followers over their social media handles, as well as reviews and ratings about their services.
  • A good immigration consultant to Canada will have an up-to-date profile with a decent amount of following and most importantly, a good flow of interaction under their posts.

These are the key features that you should pay special attention to when selecting the right RCIC for you, as he also plays an integral role in changing your life course.

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  1. Hi, Is ImmigCanada certified consultant firm really ? I get in touch with one of them today and they asked for a $750 payment just after the presentation. They asked me to wait 10 days to get back with full assessment of my case and asked right away after a copy of my passport and resume.

    Thanks a lot.

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