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Why Our Reviews Can Be Trusted

How We Make The Best
Consultant Reviews

Our mission is to provide you with accurate and reliable information about Canadian immigration consultants and lawyers who can guide you all the way from your home country to permanent residence in Canada.

To make sure the information we give serves our mission we make it meet certain criteria listed on the right.
Up-To-Date Only
We know how hard it is to distinguish relevant information.

We have a dedicated team that conducts ongoing market research. Our experts follow news concerning Canadian immigration policy together with news about the market of immigration consultants and lawyers.

Focused on Key Features
We value the time our clients have to spend on their research.

We have located several key features that are important when looking at immigration consultants and lawyers and our research and analysis are centered around those features.

Based on Deep Research
We believe jumping to conclusions can hurt immigration process.

We have built an exhaustive process of analysis that we thoroughly follow when assessing strengths and weaknesses of each consultant.

Online Presence Considered & Analyzed
We believe online presence reflects trustworthiness if analysed systematically.

Our process implies thorough gathering of all of the information available on the web. We look at and analyse: customer reviews, website, social media and press mentionings.

Manual Testing Conducted & Analyzed
Evidence-based information works best.

We conduct in-person research and look at how consultancy firms or lawyers interact with potential clients.

Helpful Guides For
Better and More Informed Choices

We have gathered practical information that helps immigrants make informed decisions and efficiently navigate the complicated world of immigration policies and processes.

How to Choose the Best Canadian Immigration Consultant

Our articles have precise and to-the-point information that gives you an insight about ...

How to Avoid Canadian Immigration Scams?

Our useful guides highlight the best Canadian immigration consultancy and lawyers that ...

Canadian Immigration Programs Overview

Be successful in your Canadian immigration procedures with the help of up to date ...
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