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Solid Visa Review in 50 Words

Running successfully as a private immigration firm, Solid Visa ( has a lot to offer to its clients with a highly professional team and a huge variety of visa programs. The company is owned and operated by IMG Services and Consulting (registration number: 305578267) and registered at Vilnius, Architektų g. 56-101, Lithuania.

By fast-tracking the application process and helping with the completion of all necessary documents and forms, Solid Visa covers all grounds to help their clients immigrate to Canada successfully.

  • Highly informative website with a huge variety of services
  • Many ways to contact the company
  • Provides information about immigration consultants
  • Have terms of use, login, and live chat option


Why Do We Recommend Solid Visa?



These are the following immigration services provided by Solid Visa:

  • Express Entry Programs
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Provincial Nominee Programs for all the provinces and territories of Canada.
  • Quebec Immigration including Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Quebec Experience Class, Quebec Entrepreneur Programs, Quebec Investor Program, and Quebec Self-Employed Program.
  • Business Immigration including Business Visitor Program, Provincial Entrepreneur Programs, Self-Employed Programs, and Start-up Visa Programs.


solid visa 1


They provide thorough information about all the immigration programs offered on their website, along with the requirements and inadmissibility factors which can really help a potential client self-assess and decide which program is best for them.

The company also helps with verification of legal documents in line with the IRCC standards, IELTS preparation courses for improved language skills, aids with finding a good job in Canada to have financial stability right from the start, and all the security and privacy one would expect with the collection and processing of their personal information.

Besides immigration visas, Solid Visa’s services also include temporary visa programs as follows:


solid visa 2


  • Canada Temporary Resident Visa
  • Temporary Work Permit
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • Open Work Permit
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Electronic Visa Authorization (eTA)
  • Study Permits and Post-Graduation Work Permit
  • LMIA-Based Work Permit
  • LMIA Exemptions
  • Work Permit Exemptions
  • International Experience Canada Program


There is also a free evaluation form on the website that can be submitted in order to connect with an agent and assess your case with them. The impressive range of services is very convenient for clients, as they can find everything in one place instead of finding different services with different agencies, and we find it as an advantage.



The pricing starts at $600 for a single applicant and $1000 for family applications. These services include access to the immigration platform and a personal immigration consultant, as well as 24/7 updates in application status and a complete checklist of all the required documents. Depending on your case and needs, the pricing can vary.


solid visa 3


Customer Service

There are many ways to get in touch with Solid Visa, and they have a live chat option on their website too. We can’t assess the size of the team from their website, but overall reviews about the company suggest that they are prompt with their services and have satisfactory customer service.

The majority of the reviews about their services are positive, with satisfied clients stating that they had ‘no complains’ and that the company helped with all the application procedures including upload of documents and improvement of English language level.

However, there are a few reviews with complaints about their refund policy and charging extra fees. These comments are much fewer when compared with the positive reviews.


Other Perks

We are highly impressed by the variety of services offered by Solid Visa, not just for the application process but all the necessary steps along the way. The company helps with document uploads, IELTS preparation and safeguards the customer’s privacy and security.

They also help with job search which hugely impacts a new immigrants’ life in a positive way by giving them financial stability right from the beginning.



Solid Visa states that “we have assembled the best team of professionals to handle all the complications in the best way possible.” And after taking a close look into the matter, we tend to agree with them.

They have mentioned five immigration consultants on their website. The diversity and multiculturalism of their team surely give a personal touch to every individual’s application, as Canada is a multicultural country and the agents understand the challenges and perks that come with it to guide the clients in the best possible way. You can also contact their legal department for any queries.


Online Visibility



Solid Visa has a great website with a contemporary layout and easy access for clients. They have provided much information about their visa programs and have separate sections to explain the application process, receiving an ITA, and tips for immigration.

They also offer free evaluation on their page and have a section dedicated to Canada with insightful articles and info on the economy, healthcare, and other facets of life in the country. The company also presents detailed information about its practice and immigration consultants. The website has a live chat option, FAQ section, and terms of use.


Social Media

Solid Visa has a Facebook page with over 54k followers and it is frequently updated with a handful of likes on each post. The amount of following is quite impressive and strongly suggests a good online presence. You can find articles related to immigration and life in Canada on their page.


Get in Touch

  • Canada phone number: +16139270557, +12045996494, +12044307444
  • UK phone number: +447700398754
  • Email:
  • Address: 116 Albert Street, Suite 200&300 Ottawa, ON, Canada K1P 5G3


Editor’s Conclusion

Overall, Solid Visa looks like a slid (no pun intended) consultancy. Clients are guided throughout the application process for a large number of visas offered by the company.

They not only help with the application process but also with the document upload, language tests, finding a job, and assistance with post-landing such as opening a bank account in Canada, applying for a healthcare card, job search, etc. which is very impressive. Besides, the professionalism reflected on their website really speaks tons about the competence and legitimacy of the firm.

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  1. Mira

    Solidvisa company and its team have been spectacular! I am moving to Canada soon and have had a really complicated situation, but they have been helpful and guided me every step of the way. They are very responsive to email and have kindly answered every question I have had without making me feel bad. I contacted several different agencies and am so glad Solidvisa responded first and I was able to use their services.

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  2. Pill

    Outstanding service and follow-up. Daniel (my agent) was very clear with what the requirements for a Canadian visa were, and the different options open to me. Very prompt with vetting the application details, and providing instructions to mail application and passport. I recommend their service to anyone, especially if this is your first time applying for a visa and have no idea how the process works, best of luck!

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  3. Sofia

    I applied for an art project in Toronto and needed a temporary visa, I was quite worried because it was the first time I was applying for a Visa. I didn’t have much hope but the results were good, their agents really helped with my visa application. I was worried that my visa wouldn’t be ready on time because it took longer than I expected and that was the only thing that made me worried during the application process but thankfully I got it in on time and I could attend the project.

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  4. Tobias

    Solidvisa agents did their best, they helped me assess documentation for long-term student visa program. The process went smoothly and transparently. They also sent me recommendations regarding language and certifications. Very good service!

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  5. Freja

    SolidVisa gave me the possibility to have a new, better life. I am from a small village Ödevata in Sweden but have studied French most of my life and really wanted to move to Canada and especially Quebec. When I contacted them, almost a year ago, I was expecting them to tell me I didn’t have enough qualifications, but instead, they were very understanding and helped me as much as possible to get documents like IELTS and proofs of previous employment and to organize the whole in better form. When my student visa was accepted, it was a feeling I could not describe. Wonderful. I wanted to thank Solidvisa so much for this support that really changed my outlook for myself!

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  6. Manni Singh

    I have been trying to contact Sold Visa for past 6 days now. I am not getting respond back, I tried emailing, calling internationally and also watsapp service.
    If anyone who had been in touch with with them past 1 week ago, please share info.

    I am in the process of my application through them, desperate to know what’s going on.

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  7. Mar Mc

    Well I have applied for PNP through Solid Visa. The last we heard was that we would be receiving a call from their immigration consultant to relocate and to ask about the choice of house etc.
    We have been calling, phones disconnected, some numbers are assigned to someone else, emails have returned. We have started this process since July of 2020 and understandably with covid, there has been delays. The website is also down and no one has even tried to contact us. After spending over US$10,000 with them I am really upset about this.

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  8. Irshaad

    Same issue as MAR MC. We started an application in May2020 and it remained pending until then. Their reason for delay was due to covid. Now, when I am trying to contact them I cannot get hold of anyone (website is down, email gets delivery failure and phone numbers not good as well.)

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  9. mohammed

    Hello guys,
    Please DO NOT INTERACT with these guys they big scam, Ahmed Hussein, Ellen and Elizabeth they collected 10.000 USD from 0ur three years reserve money since 2020, we struggling to get that money they took it from us and block our contact email and phone they change their website to canada2036 is the new name of their website. They are fake God will punish them. they took money from more innocents peoples from world .

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  10. kwopi

    all the positives comments are just lies. these group of scammers extrorted closed to $10000 dollars from us for our family immigration programm which they finally never get back to us when they collected the amount.. they are so tricky. they have done same to many peopel. dont trust them

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  11. Mosammat

    Fake company.they took my money but they didn’t help me for my application even they didn’t understand how to assess individual application! I can’t even rate them. I have very bad experience with them
    They are really devastating company.

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